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From the pen of Stephen King, to an Academy Award-winning film, MISERY is Broadway's most thrilling new play, starring Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf. We created THE MISERY MANUSCRIPT SERIES to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary and the iconic story's evolution from page to stage.

About the Series:

The suspense of MISERY on Broadway begins here with THE MISERY MANUSCRIPT SERIES. First a beloved novel, then a blockbuster film, our shorts highlight how an award-winning creative team brought the critically-acclaimed thriller to life (and death) on Broadway by way of scene, sound and story. Director Will Frears, screen and playwright William Goldman, scenic designer David Korins, and composer Michael Friedman will have you tied to your seat.

On MISERY: William Goldman & Will Frears

Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Goldman & director Will Frears talk storytelling and bringing MISERY to life on stage.

On Scenic Design: David Korins

Award-winning set designer David Korins talks building fear on stage at the Broadhurst.

On Music Composition: Michael Friedman

Composer Michael Friedman discusses scaring audiences with sound.