The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Refreshing Broadway’s Legacy Brand

As we approached The Phantom of the Opera's 30th year on Broadway (a production we've worked on since its premiere in 1988), our challenge was to refresh Broadway's most beloved and longest-running property to reach younger audiences while sustaining relevancy and originality of a true legacy brand. We created a robust content-driven digital marketing plan to feel fresh, new and edgy.

The social space is where our younger audiences play so we wanted to provide them with fresh content that aligned with trends in the social media and tech spaces.

A series of culturally relevant and creatively driven lifestyle moments allowed us to connect with fans in completely new ways. We rallied the community together who responded enthusiastically with user-generated content, exhibiting deep engagement with the brand.

Supported by a paid media strategy, our curated content intentionally targeted specific audiences for the highest possible exposure.


  • There was a clear shift in sentiment about the show.
  • Dormant fans were reactivated, our demographics were broadened and the digital presence of Phantom was revitalized.
  • Smart content coupled with paid media led to nearly 100 million total impressions, 9.2 million video views and 37.7K new fans across all social platforms in 2017.
  • Facebook increased year-over-year engagement by 15.4%, driving 140K website clicks.
  • We saw a measurable year-over-year increase in website traffic and ticket sales.