Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her
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Since “Death Becomes Her” premiered in 1992, the innovative film has become a cult classic. Legions of fans embrace its leading frenemies Madeline Ashton and Helen Sharp like they’re family. An oddball family, but still a treasured one.

No wonder so many people are over the moon that the film is being adapted for a life on stage. It’s as fresh and funny today as it was 30 years ago, with a laugh-out-loud story that’s bursting with high-glam dramatics and belly-laugh moments that scream for musicalization. With smart satire and sensational fantasy, “Death Becomes Her” is a terrific recipe for musical theater, one that will be a very funny and (oh-so-slightly) sinister thrill ride that’s going to wow audiences when it comes to Broadway.

Don’t take our word for it.  As one of countless fans on Twitter put it: “I daydream on the daily about a ‘Death Becomes Her’ musical.”

At Serino Coyne, we know how to turn movie magic into a Broadway blockbuster. Our vocabulary embodies words like bombshell, glamour, can’t-miss and how did they do that? – we’re fluent in event-making. A musical mix of delightfully macabre comedy and eye-catching spectacle? That’s got our name written all over it.

We want “Death Becomes Her” to be the kind of musical that audiences will leave saying – in the immortal words of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ernest Menville — “These are the moments that make life worth living.”

There’s no need for a magic potion to make that happen. Let us tell you how.

Who You Met


Hailey Barton

Digital Media Director

Anthony Catala

VP, Creative Strategy

Jay Cooper

Executive Creative Director

Greg Corradetti


Lephate Cunningham III

Social Media Manager

Peter Gunther

Associate Creative Director

Jennifer Matte

Account Supervisor

Diana Salameh

VP, Brand Integration

Bradlie Yanniello

Senior Insights Analyst
Guiding Principles

  • THINK BIG. We should always behave like the blockbuster hit we know we are.
  • HAVE FUN. Never forget, this is a musical comedy. There should be a wink in everything we do.
  • GO GLAM. Like all of Viola’s clients, we want the campaign to feel fresh, sexy and glamorous.
  • GO DARK. Don’t be afraid to embrace the mystical and mysterious undertones of the show.
  • GO “MAD.” Put Madeline front and center wherever and whenever we can.

About The Agency

Who We Are

Serino Coyne was founded on a belief that Broadway is the greatest art form and industry in the world. So why wouldn’t we want to do this for a living?! More than 40 years later our guiding light is our belief in the transformative power of a shared, live experience — now more than ever, given the loneliness of a global pandemic.

We vigorously pursue the idea that when a compelling brand meets captivating art, it’s a magnetic match. That’s the formula we’ve used to innovate the way live entertainment on Broadway and beyond announces itself proudly on the cultural radar. That’s how we approach our work for clients from Broadway to Major League Baseball, and everything in between.

We treat every client like family, no matter the scale of your production or budget. We are your guides, your partners, your champions.

Our Work

We’ll take you through the agency’s capabilities, innovation, insights and strategy, and demonstrate our work in action through the ideas we’ve developed for you.

First, let’s look at the behind-the-scenes magic of our media team’s positioning, strategy and clout. This is the foundation that allows us to extend your dollars, reach the perfect audiences, innovate on new platforms, and sell tickets. Second, we’ll look at ticketing and revenue management, which we pioneered in the industry.

What We’re Proud Of

We believe in spending your dollars as if they are our own. With more than 40 years in the New York City marketplace, we buy more NY DMA media than any other live entertainment agency.

  • We Have the Best Rates and Relationships in the Business. The $85 million that we place in media each year has resulted in unparalleled relationships and preferred rates of anywhere between 15% and 60% off the rate card. On average, our clients receive 50% of their media spend in incremental discounts and bonus media.
  • We’re Media Neutral. We’re focused on the media mix that is best for you, not the agency. Our fully-integrated, in-house team includes specialists across all media — digital, video, audio, outdoor, tourist and print — and we leverage synergies across media with tactics such as addressable TV, streaming/OTT and cross-platform deals.
  • We Have Access and Leverage. Through the power of Omnicom, we have top-notch negotiation clout as well as first-look access to betas and are the only agency that enjoys first-to-market opportunities with companies like Google, Facebook and Hulu. We also have exclusive outdoor placement in some of the best locations in the city.
  • Our Campaigns are Nimble. We’re constantly analyzing data and are able to pivot campaigns at the drop of a hat. We are the only agency to provide fully accessible digital dashboards to you. We offer you full transparency.
What We’re Proud Of

Our in-house revenue management team works with clients on all aspects of ticketing to manage both the strategic approach at the macro level and the tactical execution at the individual performance level.

  • We Pioneered this Space. We saw a gap in the industry and created our ticketing and insights team in 2014 to fill that hole. Our team was the first to introduce analytics tools and we continue to set the standard across the entire industry.
  • We’re On the Pulse. Our inventory analysts are making 65+ seat-level price changes per day for each of our clients. Dynamic pricing is ever evolving, and we’re always optimizing to ensure that we’re selling tickets to the right consumer at the right price.
  • Our Clients See Results. A focus on experimentation, analytics and data-driven decision making has measurably maximized yield for a diverse client base – and we can prove it.
  • We’re Integrated. What we learn about consumers from the ticketing space has a big impact on what we say to them and how we spend your media dollars to reach them.
Our Capabilities

A one-stop innovation shop.

Brand Development & Strategy

UX/UI Design

Social Platform Management

Fan Engagement & Influencer Marketing

Content Creation & Distribution

Media Planning & Buying

Ticketing Insights & Dynamic Pricing

B2B & Group Sales Marketing

Research & Consumer Behavior

Creative Development & Production

Broadcast Video & Animation

Experiential Marketing

Partnership Marketing & Sponsorship

Mobile & Emerging Platforms

Event Planning & Production

Our Clients

The company we keep.

54 Below
Actors Fund
Ain't Too Proud
Ars Nova
Broadway Inspirational Voices
Chamber Music Society
Dear Evan Hansen
Disney on Broadway
Entertainment One
Into the Woods
Jersey Boys
John Gore Organization
Kimberly Akimbo
The Kite Runner
Lincoln Center
The Lion King
Manhattan Theatre Club
Billy Crystal in Mr. Saturday Night
New York Philharmonic
One World Observatory
The Outsiders
The Performing Arts Project
Rags Parkland Sings The Songs of The Future
Romy and Michele
A Sherlock Carol
Sight and Sound
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Sky View Observatory
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The Tony Awards
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Yale School of Drama
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Serino Coyne, we value a more inclusive and welcoming workplace. We have always strived — but not always succeeded — to put that passion into action.

The greatest asset of Serino Coyne is our staff, and our colleagues deserve, and thrive in, a more inclusive and equitable culture. We are working diligently to achieve our DE&I goals to make that happen. As we strive toward that better future, our work takes on a deeper authenticity, is more trustworthy and becomes more meaningful for our clients and partners.

Central to our core belief of actions rather than words, each member of our staff is dedicated to one of three committees, responsible for: Recruitment and Retention, Internal Environment, and Community Outreach. Each committee has goals and metrics by which we can measure our work and progress in each area. We believe this is a structure that will help to foster long-term and lasting change. We are becoming the change we want to see.